Who Are We?
We are a collection of individuals from various portions of Vermont that have gathered together to share an interest. Urban Exploration

Current head count; 6 members, of which 4 are core members.

Our Mission Statement

Primarily; to explore and learn about the unknown. As well as to push the limits of what officials and authorities have marked as off limits. To quote Socrates, the unexamined life is not worth living.

Secondly; to provide free, high resolution images for non-commercial use of abandoned structures and like environments. For the usage of other Urban Explorers. As well as their location to allow other urban explorers to visit upon their own will, and enjoy the structures as we had.

We have a strict guideline in which that we will never permanently tag any structure we visit. Only chalk safety markings will be left, as well as the occasional URL to our site. (A little grassroots advertising never hurt anybody, especially when it can be rubbed off with your palm.)

A Powerful Belief

The sites that we visit will never be harmed by any NEUEU member. It is a guarantee. More often than not, a site will be owned by a private investment group, a city or a state. The last thing that these people want are a bunch of hooligans ruining their buildings and property.

Now, many argue:
“If they’re tearing it down anyway, what’s the point in being careful?”

The most important reason to be careful is that we know other Urban Explorers will be frequenting these sites as well, just like the owners of the property, Urban Explorers hate to see damage done to these often historical buildings.

Creative Commons License
All NEUEU produced media is licensed under:
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.