Dictionary of Terms

  • “Binary is cows!” (exclamation)
    • A reaction to someone that said something stupid.
    • Example: “The goggles, they do nothing!”
  • Cheesecake Drain (n.)
    • Any drain pipe that is incredibly small yet still passable, only by means of crawling on your stomach.
    • Example: “I’d only go through there if there was cheesecake at the other end.”
  • Dave (proper n.)
    • The true founder of NEUEU. Dave has UE powers and all the sweet hookups.
  • Hot Pickels (n.)
    • A stuck pixel on the CCD of your primary camera you use while UE’ing. Often it will be stuck as red, green or blue; and will be most noticable in low light situations.
  • The Same Bunny (n.)
    • On nearly all UE trips we encounter a small brown rabbit. It’s been deducted that this rabbit follows us to every site. Or maybe he’s waiting for us when we arrive. He’s never been caught by any authorities and is way sneakier than all of us. This bunny is a UE master and should be respected.

We will add more terms as we continue exploring our urban landscapes.

Expect more soon.