The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly on the Drain

Draining rules. At least I think so. I’ve recently found a storm drain that I can fit into. We’ve done three trips there so far, the first I went in alone, the second with J1, and the third included myself, C1, and T1. The drain system consists of reinforced concrete pipes leading to manhole chambers. The “Sheraton Drain” as I’ll call this was my first draining experience. I didn’t stay long or go very far during my initial trip there, but after that I just got used to it and now I love the drain.

J1 and I didn’t find much interesting during our visit, with the exception of a helicopter landing not 50 feet away from us as we were getting out. The third trip was totally the best. We found the largest manhole chamber yet. It was the intersection of four, count ‘em four, pipes, AND it had step irons leading to a grate in a field. We decided to end our journey here when I found out I had superhuman strength and lifted the grate off.

We also came across what I’m pretty sure are entrances to UVM’s steam tunnels, and a raccoon. You can check out the entire Sheraton Drain gallery here.


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