Let’s all shoot in RAW!

I shoot using a Canon 20D and have recently discovered something amazing about the provided software in the package. If you’re doing any sort of Urban Exploration like us, you’ll want to shoot in RAW… No matter what.

You can go from this…

Original and this

To this…

and this

This shot was taken at the Moran Power Plant in Burlington, Vermont. At night there is a light that casts a sepia styled colouring over everything. To make it appear like a normal white light, all I had to do was play with the white balance. The Canon software that handles RAW processing allows you to select a known white point. An area that you know is as pure white as possible. In this case, white paint on metal.

So, besides using the RAW format to preserve quality in your shots, you can also use it to have extreme flexibility in your work flow. I’m sure this can be done in Photoshop or The GIMP easily, however since Canon knows best when editing their own RAW format, why not take advantage of what’s available to you.

Canon gets a +1, for making a solid camera and writing some solid software to boot.


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  1. z1 says:

    Finally all us NEUEU members with DSLRs can fix our white balance. I bet this isn’t limited to just raws though. I messed around in the gimp using green lighting and tried to make whites white. I had some success, but it didn’t work as well as canon’s thing.

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