Forum Update

With the recent influx of spam users and posts we’ve decided to dissolve the forum at this time. In the future it may show up again, however we have no plans at this time.

For the time being we will rely on the comments system on this blog here to communicate with our many, many fans.

We have a ton of new content posted in the gallery, hunt around for it. ;) We also will have news regarding some of our new locations soon. (And you all thought we were dead.)


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  1. blitzkrieg says:

    Hey whats up i do a lot of exploring back home (long island) where im lucky enough to have kings park and pilgrim state right by my house, and was looking to check out some stuff around here. I couldn’t find any contact info on the site, is there any way i could get in touch with you guys, maybe show me around a little. thanks in advance.

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