Geographic Stretch

In the next few days, I (C1) will be in California. I’ll be there on a visit for roughly 10 days to two weeks. In that span of time I was planning on seeing a few UE sites near the bay area…

If there is anything you would like me to concentrate on, let me know via a comment to this entry. I can’t promise that I will make it to every site posted but I will make a best effort attempt to at least see a few.


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  2. mr.x says:

    well I have a place but its not California its in newport,NH a factory that has a crawl space under it I didnt go in because I was alone but it looked cool.big rooms 20 ft maybe 30 ft tall smoke stack aquduct running from the river some old cars and a ? room I didnt look at bacause its would had been stupid because I was alone and its a team job to get in it.I donno its a cool place to check out if your around

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