Hump Day, Industrial Ruins, & Lost Tunnels?!

I sure had a lot to be happy for this Hump Day, enough to start doing the pelvic thrust part of the Time Warp, too.

On the tip of a friend, I made a trip up to Saint Albans today to check out a place he suggested, that was an old ice packing facility. So I figured, what the hell, he’s good company, game to do it, and I have nothing better to do. Scrounged up a few bucks in bottles, turned in my pennies at Coinstar, and headed on up.

I did not leave disappointed.


Not going to win any accolades for a ‘greatest site EVAR’ or anything, but for Vermont, this is definitely very tangible and a very nice piece of our little talked about and ill fated industrial past.

While we’re on the topic of industrial past, this same friend happens to be a railroad enthusiast. Well…nut better describes it. He planted a bug in my ear, and it goes a little like this;

My friend: “You know, there’s a subway-like rail tunnel that goes right under Burlington.” Me: “HUH?!”

Story he tells me, is that he found a historical account of its existance in a railroad or other related local history text. It was supposedly to have started at the Intervale hill in what is now the Old North End, and have exited the tunnel again at the end of Battery Street near where the current Burlington railyard is, just a little left of the center of downtown.

When the tunnel was later de-comissioned and unused, he tells me the ends were sealed off by detonating explosives to effectively cave in each end of the tunnel.


Not sure about that part…but if the tunnel does exist…one thing is for certain. No matter how it got closed on either end, they wouldn’t have been able to effectively close off the middle without some serious manpower and time to fill it in. Enough to make them probably not want to deal with it. If the tip turns out to be true…ladies and gentlemen, I do believe we have a project on our hands. Patience, and research. This one isn’t sitting out in the open to scout out, (if it even exists at all,) and is going to take some planning and boring-ass bookwork locate.

Anyhow, that’s all for now, folks, please come back again. And again. And again and again.


Wash, rinse, repeat. kthx.

2 Responses to “Hump Day, Industrial Ruins, & Lost Tunnels?!”

  1. hunter says:

    hey, i have heard about this tunnel also. louie manno from the radio deli also swears that there was a rum running tunnel built from the waterfront to under his building (corner of pearl and pine)

    i used to live upstairs, and i got nowhere on that tunnel in the two years i lived there.

    my fondest burlington UE was the chip pics though


  2. bumble_b says:

    well, it shouldn’t be IMPOSSIBLE…i know some people that may have some leads. if any burlington history that anyone ever references came from one of those “guides to burlington neighborhoods” books, do yourself a favor and check the info. believe me, it isn’t all true.

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