Scarier than Spiders

Earlier yesterday I went out scouting. I was on CENSORED street taking pictures of the abandoned TOO HOT FOR .ORG when I noticed a really cool looking drain off to the side. It was square, fun. I went back to my dorm and showed the other local NEUEU members the images and planned a trip later that night. It ended up being only T1 and I going, but I was really excited. We rode our bikes down there and locked them up.

The first thing we see inside is square RCP, kinda plain, but different. There was only a few inches of water, but it was moving fast. We proceeded on a bit to find the drain changed. It changed from boring RCP to freaking awesome stone and support beam things on the ceiling. There were also spiders in this part. Lots of big, shiny, scary spiders. I wanted to go on but T1 was a wimp and didn’t want to go past the spiders. If only we knew what we were getting into…

So we climbed out of the drain and decided to look on the other side of the highway for an outfall. Earlier that day I’d seen some kind of concrete in the woods over there, but I hadn’t checked it out. Eventually we found an ~5 foot tall corrugated metal pipe outfall. This could be it. So we went in there. This lead to an older metal pipe, that lead to an even OLDER metal pipe(sketchy like crazy). That lead to the same kind of square RCP we’d entered from the other side. There was a big tree branch lodged at the tunnel change.

After going through this square RCP we ran into the same kind of stone/steel bar reinforced type we’d seen on the other side. It was in pretty bad shape. The entrance to this area had a lot of foam, a log, and the sides had been washed out pretty bad. Up ahead were some cool stairs and across our way, but still passable, was a big log.
That’s when we saw it. A strap of something sticking out of the foam. At first we thought it was a belt or something. When we found it to be a backpack, I was afraid it was full of kittens. But instead it was filled with a 44 magnum, a colt 45, and two clips. We sat down and discussed what we should do. We determined the best course of action to be getting the backpack into T1′s jeep and taking it to the police station.

So, I put on the backpack-o’-guns and we rode our bikes back to the dorm where T1′s jeep was. He had a plastic bag handy so we put the bag in that and drove to the police station. I just walked up to the counter and said “we found guns” and proceeded to give a short explanation of where/why. They brought us in and questioned us separately after taking the guns from the jeep. The detective that I talked with was really nice. They were concerned with exactly where we found them, and why we were there. I had taken lots of pictures in there, and of the guns when we found them. So I gave him my CF cards. I think I did the right thing by not lying and making up some BS story for why we were there. I told the detective about our UE group, what we do, and even where we’ve done it. He was totally human and said we’d be fine, even though I mentioned an active site.

One of the officers was concerned about us not having small space training. He asked us what kind of gear we used, if we used rope, and stuff like that. None of us do, and he said they didn’t recommend us doing stuff like that. I totally understand his concern. We took this officer back to our entrances and showed him about where we though the guns were found. We didn’t actually go in though. After that they let us go home. But not ten minutes after I got back, the detective called and said he was done with my CF cards. I went down to the station to pick them up. He said he couldn’t get the odd numbered images. The odds were raws. My camera writes a nice raw and a low res shitty jpeg every time I hit the shutter. I’d offered to help de-raw them, but I guess they were cool with 25 quality 640×480 jpegs. I’m calling the station in two days to see what they’ve found out about the guns. Supposedly there was a double murder very close to that drain a few years ago.

Pictures here.

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