Hardcore UE

Thanks to the UE DB on uer.ca we located a new potential entrance for the Moran Power Plant. This new way in was via the cooling water outfall in the back of the building. The outflow was underwater in a canal that lead to Lake Champlain. I wasn’t going to let a little 40.5 degree water stop me, so I grabbed my snorkeling gear and suited up for some serious UE. It was T1, C1, and I who went out last night. We ran into the same “fire guys” practicing by the stones near Moran. We’d seen them before and they’d seen us, so we just ignored them and went about our business. That business being me disrobing behind the plant and putting on my snorkeling gear. In the end we found exactly where the outfall was underwater, but it was sealed off by a metal door. We may or may not have been able to move this door, but by that time I was really, really cold. Even if we didn’t get in, I’ve been somewhere in Moran that no one has before.

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