No Sleep

We’re active like there’s no tomorrow. Just this week we hit the UVM steam tunnels, Northampton State Hospital, Hill & Dale Mall, and multiple locations in Claremont, NH. The tunnels under UVM were pretty cool. The ones we were in only connected a couple buildings and we popped out a locked door inside one of them. NSH was exciting but didn’t go very well. We’d heard about increased security but decided to check it out regardless. All three of the entrances we were planning on using failed. They had fixed all the holes in the fences and patched every opening in the building. While trying our last way in, we were surprised by an officer who kindly told us to leave. We did, BUT WE WEREN’T DONE YET.

We decided to head off to Claremont and check out some of the old mills and stuff around there. First we scouted out behind a building that looked as if it was being used for storage. First we saw a board ripped off a window, but kept looking. This lead us to find a big, heavy, free-sliding door. In we went. We were in a single massive room with some old looking equipment stored here and there. Closer inspection revealed this old equipment was really some nice antiques. An old cash register, a REALLY old TV, radio, stuff like that. If we didn’t conform to such high moral standards we could have made a pretty penny on ebay. Then I saw the motion sensors. There were two on the wall right next to the antiques. One had an LED that wasn’t doing anything while the other had no indicators of any kind. We took these as signs to leave. No authorities appeared, but we didn’t want to chance it and stayed out.

Then we hit up a tunnel leading to a room with some cool machinery in it, probably having something to do with an old mill. After that we proceeded to check out the foundation of some previously large structure across the river. There were some rooms left with old soda and beer bottles in them, old enough to not be considered garbage. I ran into a nice cement drainage tunnel that I had a liking for, I don’t know why I was the only one who explored it. Right down the hill from where we were was the leftovers of a building and a still-intact smokestack. In the basement of the building we found a little tunnel full of water that lead to a boring room. Not really worth wading through as much water as I did. The smoke stack had step irons in it. It was possible to get into, but the entrances were places I wasn’t sure I could get back out of.

Then we went home, or maybe I’m just tired of writing.

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  1. mr.x says:

    I live in newport,NH and I want to start getting in to urban exploring but I dont know of eny good places to start.If you could help give me a email.

  2. crazyeyeguy says:

    I live in Manchester, NH and I also would like to start doing so UE. I’ve explored an old mill up in Plymouth, but otherwise have no idea of where I should start. Looking to do something this weekend if possible.

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