Fate of the Moran Power Plant

Apparently, many Burlington residents feel that the Moran Power Plant is a scary and ugly building. Some even feel that it retains no historical value.

For the scary factor, see below.


The CEDO has the ideas and comments from June 16, 2005

“First – tear it down. It’s a creepy eyesore with no historical value or architectural value.”

“Tear it down & grass it over… Make it a park.”

I’m not entirely sure what the issue is, I can understand the need to tear it down if you can’t repurpose the existing structure. However, tearing it down because it’s creepy eyesore? IMHO, as far as historical value, consider how old the building is and what it used to do. The Moran Power Plant offered Burlington electrical power, facing off against gas lights in our homes. To me, that’s pretty neat.


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