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Sunday, July 9th, 2006

We’re a bit lacking on content, so I’m going to review/tell a story about my new camera. That camera being a 1979 Pentax ME Super. It used to be my dads camera when he was about my age…

I really just wanted this camera to get to know the feel of an SLR before picking up a D70, but it didn’t quite work out that way. My whole life was about to change. It came in a big box. In that box was the ME Super body, a Star-D 80-205mm/4.5, an SMC Pentax 50mm/2, a roll of five year expired Kodak Gold 100 film, and an issue of Beauty/Decay, but that’s not important. The first thing I noticed when I picked up the body was how rugged it felt. I can’t bend or flex any part of this thing, and I’m pretty strong. The body, along with the lenses I got are all made of some kind of metal, probably adamantium. I’d never shot or even handled a film SLR before this.

The first thing I did was load the film. I messed up first try and lost a couple exposures, but got it in the end. To the waterfront! It’s a great place to just hang out and take shots. Then I pressed the shutter button. The diaphragm shrank, the mirror swung upward, and the when the shutter flicked open an image was exposed onto the long-ago-expired film. Let me tell you, that was a feeling. It’s fun just taking the pictures, even without seeing them immediately after.

So then on the way home I walked through the Church Street area. This was a good idea. People are attracted to old film cameras. On my way home I was asked by two different groups of strangers to take their pictures. Lots of girls smiled at me too, even more than normal. This happens often when I take my Pentax for walks. I get asked where the camera stores are, if I’m a photographer, and if I would like to take naked pictures of attractive girls.

I’ve shot five rolls of film so far. The expired roll, two of Kodak UC100, a roll of Plus-X, and a roll of Tri-X that I’ll be picking up shortly. I especially like the way the black and whites came out. Oh this is a UE website? Well let’s just say I’m no longer worried about breaking my camera at a site anymore. More like crackheads should be worried about my camera breaking their face. It’s that sturdy.