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An Underground XMAS

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

So, much to contrary belief… NEUEU is not dead. As a matter of fact we just had a delightful XMAS party, well below street level in the New North End of Burlington, Vermont.

11.jpg 17.jpg
22.jpg 23.jpg

We’re Heeeeere!!

Monday, May 29th, 2006

After all this dead time, we’re invading the Northeast Kingdom.

Hello everybody, and sorry about the gap between updates. All of us at NEUEU have been busy with school, moving, and work for awhile so we’ve been only mildly active and mostly by ourselves or only a couple of us getting together.

Today, that mildly active status changed – drastically! A trip out to the far northeast corner of the state yielded me (Deer) and Z1 the following things:

- Lots of fresh air and exercise. We hiked uphill for two plus freakin’ hours!

- We sidestepped around a LOT of moose shit.

- There were really large abandoned things up there.

- The view and place at the end of the long haul was worth it.

- We at least got to see one of the moose responsible for our, quite literal, shitty walk up that goddamn mountain.

- There’s seventy-seven new pictures in the gallery to show for it, as well. Bonus!!

rad54 radar.jpg

So, check it out, it’s pretty damn cool. After the walk that was endured on the way up, all y’all out there BETTER be at least appreciating that we went as all out as we could to show you this place :-P


Hump Day, Industrial Ruins, & Lost Tunnels?!

Thursday, April 27th, 2006

I sure had a lot to be happy for this Hump Day, enough to start doing the pelvic thrust part of the Time Warp, too.

On the tip of a friend, I made a trip up to Saint Albans today to check out a place he suggested, that was an old ice packing facility. So I figured, what the hell, he’s good company, game to do it, and I have nothing better to do. Scrounged up a few bucks in bottles, turned in my pennies at Coinstar, and headed on up.

I did not leave disappointed.


Not going to win any accolades for a ‘greatest site EVAR’ or anything, but for Vermont, this is definitely very tangible and a very nice piece of our little talked about and ill fated industrial past.

While we’re on the topic of industrial past, this same friend happens to be a railroad enthusiast. Well…nut better describes it. He planted a bug in my ear, and it goes a little like this;

My friend: “You know, there’s a subway-like rail tunnel that goes right under Burlington.” Me: “HUH?!”


Scarier than Spiders

Wednesday, April 26th, 2006

Earlier yesterday I went out scouting. I was on CENSORED street taking pictures of the abandoned TOO HOT FOR .ORG when I noticed a really cool looking drain off to the side. It was square, fun. I went back to my dorm and showed the other local NEUEU members the images and planned a trip later that night. It ended up being only T1 and I going, but I was really excited. We rode our bikes down there and locked them up.

The first thing we see inside is square RCP, kinda plain, but different. There was only a few inches of water, but it was moving fast. We proceeded on a bit to find the drain changed. It changed from boring RCP to freaking awesome stone and support beam things on the ceiling. There were also spiders in this part. Lots of big, shiny, scary spiders. I wanted to go on but T1 was a wimp and didn’t want to go past the spiders. If only we knew what we were getting into…


Hardcore UE

Tuesday, April 18th, 2006

Thanks to the UE DB on we located a new potential entrance for the Moran Power Plant. This new way in was via the cooling water outfall in the back of the building. The outflow was underwater in a canal that lead to Lake Champlain. I wasn’t going to let a little 40.5 degree water stop me, so I grabbed my snorkeling gear and suited up for some serious UE. It was T1, C1, and I who went out last night. We ran into the same “fire guys” practicing by the stones near Moran. We’d seen them before and they’d seen us, so we just ignored them and went about our business. That business being me disrobing behind the plant and putting on my snorkeling gear. In the end we found exactly where the outfall was underwater, but it was sealed off by a metal door. We may or may not have been able to move this door, but by that time I was really, really cold. Even if we didn’t get in, I’ve been somewhere in Moran that no one has before.

No Sleep

Sunday, April 9th, 2006

We’re active like there’s no tomorrow. Just this week we hit the UVM steam tunnels, Northampton State Hospital, Hill & Dale Mall, and multiple locations in Claremont, NH. The tunnels under UVM were pretty cool. The ones we were in only connected a couple buildings and we popped out a locked door inside one of them. NSH was exciting but didn’t go very well. We’d heard about increased security but decided to check it out regardless. All three of the entrances we were planning on using failed. They had fixed all the holes in the fences and patched every opening in the building. While trying our last way in, we were surprised by an officer who kindly told us to leave. We did, BUT WE WEREN’T DONE YET.



Thursday, April 6th, 2006

Yep, we were stopped by the cops. The excitement is just now wearing off. An officer from Boston stopped us on the sidewalk after we’d been to some trains, under a bridge, and at the site of an old chemical plant. He was really nice and assured us we weren’t in any trouble, we were just carrying a lot of gear so he had to investigate. I went with the truth route and told him we were doing some urban exploration. He actually thought it was cool.

My favorite part of the whole ordeal was hearing him radio my name to HQ. I only wish we’d got a picture with him, or even a name. This was a great experience and I think we could actually benefit from being stopped more often. If the police are familiar with who we are, we’ll have a better chance of getting off easy if we’re caught someplace we shouldn’t be. I’m going to make it a point to look as suspicious as possible from now on, to attract the authorities’ attention.

Underwater Pizza Party

Friday, March 31st, 2006

How many of you have ever had dinner under a lake?

Not many of you I’m guessing.

IMG_5392.JPG IMG_2603.JPG IMG_5386.JPG

Tom-foolery at its best!

Fate of the Moran Power Plant

Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

Apparently, many Burlington residents feel that the Moran Power Plant is a scary and ugly building. Some even feel that it retains no historical value.

For the scary factor, see below.


The CEDO has the ideas and comments from June 16, 2005

“First – tear it down. It’s a creepy eyesore with no historical value or architectural value.”

“Tear it down & grass it over… Make it a park.”

I’m not entirely sure what the issue is, I can understand the need to tear it down if you can’t repurpose the existing structure. However, tearing it down because it’s creepy eyesore? IMHO, as far as historical value, consider how old the building is and what it used to do. The Moran Power Plant offered Burlington electrical power, facing off against gas lights in our homes. To me, that’s pretty neat.


The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly on the Drain

Friday, March 24th, 2006

Draining rules. At least I think so. I’ve recently found a storm drain that I can fit into. We’ve done three trips there so far, the first I went in alone, the second with J1, and the third included myself, C1, and T1. The drain system consists of reinforced concrete pipes leading to manhole chambers. The “Sheraton Drain” as I’ll call this was my first draining experience. I didn’t stay long or go very far during my initial trip there, but after that I just got used to it and now I love the drain. (more…)