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Forum Update

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

With the recent influx of spam users and posts we’ve decided to dissolve the forum at this time. In the future it may show up again, however we have no plans at this time.

For the time being we will rely on the comments system on this blog here to communicate with our many, many fans.

We have a ton of new content posted in the gallery, hunt around for it. ;) We also will have news regarding some of our new locations soon. (And you all thought we were dead.)



Sunday, July 9th, 2006

We’re a bit lacking on content, so I’m going to review/tell a story about my new camera. That camera being a 1979 Pentax ME Super. It used to be my dads camera when he was about my age…

I really just wanted this camera to get to know the feel of an SLR before picking up a D70, but it didn’t quite work out that way. My whole life was about to change. It came in a big box. In that box was the ME Super body, a Star-D 80-205mm/4.5, an SMC Pentax 50mm/2, a roll of five year expired Kodak Gold 100 film, and an issue of Beauty/Decay, but that’s not important. The first thing I noticed when I picked up the body was how rugged it felt. I can’t bend or flex any part of this thing, and I’m pretty strong. The body, along with the lenses I got are all made of some kind of metal, probably adamantium. I’d never shot or even handled a film SLR before this.

The first thing I did was load the film. I messed up first try and lost a couple exposures, but got it in the end. To the waterfront! It’s a great place to just hang out and take shots. Then I pressed the shutter button. The diaphragm shrank, the mirror swung upward, and the when the shutter flicked open an image was exposed onto the long-ago-expired film. Let me tell you, that was a feeling. It’s fun just taking the pictures, even without seeing them immediately after.

So then on the way home I walked through the Church Street area. This was a good idea. People are attracted to old film cameras. On my way home I was asked by two different groups of strangers to take their pictures. Lots of girls smiled at me too, even more than normal. This happens often when I take my Pentax for walks. I get asked where the camera stores are, if I’m a photographer, and if I would like to take naked pictures of attractive girls.

I’ve shot five rolls of film so far. The expired roll, two of Kodak UC100, a roll of Plus-X, and a roll of Tri-X that I’ll be picking up shortly. I especially like the way the black and whites came out. Oh this is a UE website? Well let’s just say I’m no longer worried about breaking my camera at a site anymore. More like crackheads should be worried about my camera breaking their face. It’s that sturdy.


Geographic Stretch

Thursday, May 11th, 2006

In the next few days, I (C1) will be in California. I’ll be there on a visit for roughly 10 days to two weeks. In that span of time I was planning on seeing a few UE sites near the bay area…

If there is anything you would like me to concentrate on, let me know via a comment to this entry. I can’t promise that I will make it to every site posted but I will make a best effort attempt to at least see a few.


Site Updates

Thursday, April 13th, 2006

Number ONE

I’ve just upgraded the forum software to the latest version and have fixed the “Find All Posts By…” feature under everyone’s profiles.

I have also added more items to the avatar gallery if you cannot come up with one on your own.

So… Head on over to the forums and discuss amongst your selves!

Number TWO

We now have a CafePress store that sells a growing variety of items, so help support our site and buy something cool.